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Nanotechnology Challenges:
Implications for Philosophy, Ethics and Society

Eds. Joachim Schummer & Davis Baird
World Scientific Publishing, Singapore et al.,
Publication date: April 2006
468 + viii pp., ISBN: 981-256-729-1
US$95 / £55

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Nanotechnology is an emerging and rapidly growing field whose dynamics and prospects pose many great challenges not only to scientists and engineers but also to society at large. This volume includes the state-of-the-art philosophical, ethical, and sociological reflection on nanotechnology, written by leading scholars from the humanities and social sciences in North America and Europe. It unravels the philosophical underpinnings of nanotechnology, its metaphysical and epistemological foundations, and its conceptual complexity. It explores the ethical issues of nanotechnology, its impact on human, environmental, and social conditions, and the options for reasonable risk management. It examines the public discourse on nanotechnology and its related visions and provides both lessons from the past and outlooks for the future.

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